Hymn to the Newly Born

GS “Sial Mirza” Goraya
1 min readNov 6, 2021


I was born with an age in my palm, Destiny was my birthing dream, The ages were but a moment, When I was born.

Time stood still,

All space collapsed,

Into a moment,

That watched the coming of my birth

Into this world.

I am born into the the world of man. Let the ages watch my coming

And listen to my words.

I am the new born,

The honourable, as I stand among you all

That call themselves alive but have been dead until my coming.

And will be until I’m gone, to become a legend retold through the ages which brings life to each age in which it is sung.

To my ancestors. To their lives.

I give my song.

To the honoured,

I bow,

And pay my respects,

But as the ages move on, I move with them,

And they move by me.

I am here,

Now, among you,

to watch your games for some time, than play,

then weep,

and seeking laughter again,


only to wait,

and watch you wait for my return.

Watch me,

As I grow.

Tell my story, Which is yours, As much as mine.

Salutations to the One, Who was,

And is to be.

Salutations to you all.