GS Sial Mirza-Goraya, Nov 6

Our modern political discourse is many things, but it is, most forcefully, a media spectacle. There is nothing untoward or unexpected in the media-saturation of modern political life. That nations are ‘imagined communities’, constructed through shared stories of national origins, through the telling, and re-telling…

I was born with an age in my palm, Destiny was my birthing dream, The ages were but a moment, When I was born.

Time stood still,

All space collapsed,

Into a moment,

That watched the coming of my birth

Into this world.

I am born into the the world…

the beliefs of all people

To call something a myth is to call it lies. It is a label, perhaps a libel too, which signifies that he who believes in that myth is a liar. Or, deluded. Or, led astray and is one to be saved. One more, among many. Who are not, us.


The owl of Minerva takes flight at dusk. So did the hawk of Guru Gobind Singh.

Movement I

In Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s Orison (Aarti) of Guru Gobind Singh, we witness the reflection of a civilization looking at itself in mirror. Batalvi was the spiritual inheritor of the legacy of Bulleh Shah, the voice, like him, of a broken land. I say legacy, perhaps it would be better to…

GS “Sial Mirza” Goraya

Focus : History, Philosophy, Storytelling

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